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What is the Positive Employee Program?

The Positive Employee Program is an online psychological resilience and wellbeing program. The program creates a more fulfilling work life, filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement, positive relationships and accomplishment.

The program comprises of an initial and follow up self assessment as well as eighteen micro learning modules; containing short videos, textual information and activities.

The program can be accessed by the individual employee from various online devices.

The Positive Employee Program focuses upon the power of Positive Psychology in improving one’s mindset and outlook towards life and thus, subsequently, improving your workplace and increasing your employees’ motivation and engagement.

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Organisations with a positive work culture are:

These findings are from a massive meta-analysis of 225 academic studies.

A 2016 Harvard Business Review article states that employees prefer a happier workplace to a fatter pay check.

‘So what leads to employee happiness? A workplace characterised by humanity. An organisational culture characterised by forgiveness, kindness, trust, respect, and inspiration. Hundreds of studies conducted by pioneers of positive organisational psychology … demonstrate that a culture characterised by a positive work culture leads to improved employee loyalty, engagement, performance, creativity, and productivity.’

The online program is supported by our global team of face to face and online coaches who will assist your staff, either individually or in teams.

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