Connecting to the Future of Workplace Wellness

Workplaces provide a valuable setting to implement wellness education and activities

(Merrill et al).
When a company has a culture that takes the wellbeing of its employees into consideration as well as its profit margin, it sends out an important message not only to its employees but also to the general community (Allen 2008).
Where does the future of Workplace Wellness lie? For too long we have teetered on the edge of promotional health programmes, pretending to be offering a wellness solution, if workplaces are going to be serious about wellness, let’s start looking towards addressing connection as the first step.

Research strongly suggests that connection underpins our journey towards high level wellness, yet only about 25% of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy. (Carnegie 2014). A staggering 87% of employees worldwide not engaged at work. The world has a crisis of engagement, one with serious and potentially long lasting repercussions (Gallup 2014).

Across mammalian studies, from the smallest rodents all the way to us humans, the data suggests that we are profoundly shaped by our social environment, we are wired such that our wellbeing depends on our connections with others (Lieberman 2013).

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